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    September 06, 2007


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    I tagged you and I cannot find your email addy to tell ya so here it is! LOL


    thanks for including a link to our store!!

    scott neumyer

    And don't forget Amy Wenzel's 'Swiss Miss' Templates! They rock! :)


    What about Jonathan Penny? (although not templates beautiful art cards)

    Jamie Schultz

    Thank you so much for the kind words about my cards. I'm so glad to hear you like them! Best wishes to you!

    Rachel Ward

    Hi Jessica. Just happened upon your blog whilst I was viewing stats. Thanks for the kind words! So glad you like the designs.

    And will definitely bookmark your blog. Looks like you've got a wealth of info here!


    Christine Bentley

    Does anyone know any great links to digital paper that we can use to create our own layouts and cards? All I can find are sites that sell copyrighted digital paper that I wont be able to use to sell clients anything....any suggestions?

    Kim Calakoutis

    Thanks for this! This is exactly what I was looking for

    Christina  Kjar

    great links to christmas card templates - found just what I needed! can't wait to explore the rest of your blog!


    I just saw your post on twitter about feral hogs in the park and couldn't believe my eyes. I saw the same thing last week, WOW was all I could say. I think this post is excellent and I MAY be inspired to do something creative this holiday season. @JimTexas


    Hi. I love both of the templates you are showing here - the one at the top with the circles - and also the one with the large letter M. I looked through the links here - but didn't see those templates. Can you tell me where to purchase them both please? Thank you so much.


    Robin Long

    WOW!! I just came across your site and love it! I just started designing card templates for photographers after selling to the general public for the past 8 years. Once I get going, I plan on making some templates to give back! I luv the whole concept of your blog!

    Sonja Revells

    I've just found your blog. Can you tell me who can print these templates once you buy them? I am a professional photographer that wants to offer these services to my clients just don't know where to get the actual cards printed.


    Hi Sonja! There are many pro labs that will do press printed products. I use White House Custom Color because I LOVE their watercolor paper option.

    I'm sure Miller's Lab also provides press printed services.


    I also love these two you posted on your site, I couldn't find them in the links. Can you send me in their direction? Thanks


    Did anyone find the cards at the top of this post? I'm looking too. They are soooo cute.


    The cards in this post are from Jaime Schultz but they are from a couple of seasons ago so I don't know if she still offers them.

    Jessica Grieves

    This is no longer my active email address. Email sent to the account is forwarded to my new address but I encourage you to update your address book. Im using a less spam friendly email address now as this provider tends to have problems with accounts getting hacked quite frequently and I get a lot of spam on this domain too.

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