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    January 24, 2008


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    topic I would love is maximizing the sharpness of your photos SOTC..



    I would love to hear your favorite photoshop technique!

    Any post on photoshop would be fun, don't ya think?! :)


    Feels great doesnt it!


    I would like to know what inspired you to make the leap from hobbyist to pro and what is the most valuable piece of advice you would give to someone who is hoping to do the same. :) Too long???


    I'd love to see some ideas on homemade studios for hobbyists please! I love your blog, I've already learned so much!


    First, are there any formal blog organizations and two, do you belong to any?


    I would love to know where to go for a hands on workshop for natural lighting with some of the great woman photographers of today.


    There are so many things I'd love to learn from you, but the topic uppermost on my mind right now is: Photoshop... Elements or CS? Or Photoshop vs. Lightroom. :-D

    Thanks so much! I love the opportunity to win contests!!


    The topic I’d love your input on is the “business” side of your business. Anything from contracts, scheduling, pricing, accounting, etc.


    I would love to learn about workflow. When the shoot is done - what do you do? how do you organize the pics? filing tricks/tips?
    editing/photoshop/actions/etc? how do you present to your clients?


    hmmm...i'm trying to pick just one thing. i don't think i can.

    1. if i remember correctly, you have a mobile portrait studio. what's in it?

    2. what are the bare essentials equipment (and of what quality)/software do you need to get started in a family portrait business?

    3. what professionals' numbers should you have programmed in your cell phone besides a good CPA? any?

    4. insurance? what types? how much?

    5. i'm most overwhelmed by the whole "how to start and run a business" aspect of this. anything on that is also very much appreciated.

    i'm sure i could come up with more, but i don't want to be the only one here writing a book! :-)

    i also want to say that i love your blog and thanks for doing what you do.


    Thanks for your blog! It's great. I would really like to know about your portable lighting stuff. What do you use? How can you carry all of it? How much was it ? What would you recommend?


    OOO - such good topics all listed above me already!
    In the same vein as some others...on the business side, how to deal with a client you just CANNOT PLEASE!
    do you set specific "OFFICE HOURS" within which to do the business side of your business, or do you just answer the phone whenever it rings, squeeze in work time here and there among the busy-ness of life, etc.?
    and finally - marketing/presentation...
    do you do online galleries or in person ordering sessions with samples?

    good lord I could pick your brain all day - thanks so much for this awesome blog, your openness with your business savvy, and your connection with your readers! YAY you on reaching your goal of 500 subscribers! Now i must go check out your RSS feeder links as I am afraid I have slacked off on that part of blog reading for far too long...

    Shannon Steffens

    I would love to hear your take on the concept of portrait parties. I would to would like to know your ideas for a mobil studio and how to do portraits with one light and one flash off camera. How to use umbrellas vs. softboxes.


    How about: "how to avoid burnout?" and/or "how to keep creativity alive?"

    Great blog, BTW. Long time stalker, first time poster. :)


    your blog has been a great resource for me! thanks!
    how about talking about business plans or how to set pricing, what kind of profit goals to set, etc?
    and i always love recommendations for good vendors.


    your blog has been a great resource for me! thanks!
    how about talking about business plans or how to set pricing, what kind of profit goals to set, etc?
    and i always love recommendations for good vendors.

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