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    February 04, 2008


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    thanks for picking my question jessica!
    So good to hear your thoughts on it - I am definitely checking out the 800 number. I am realizing the need to have dedicated times of child care arranged for the business part of things too, vs just for the shoots.

    lots of good stuff here to ponder...


    I don't have a nanny and I'm not planning on having one, so that's why I'm putting off starting my business for a few years. That's ok because it's giving me time to learn more about photography. Now if I could only figure out how to take pictures of places with my toddler in tow.

    The phone is so much easier to ignore than the email, I completely agree. I think I'm addicted to email. I get itchy when I can't check it.


    hi how are you?
    im very libral/

    video conference

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention - I’ve reviewed it myself now. A very enjoyable read.

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