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    October 22, 2008


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    I just heard about this happening to someone else on OSP. I wonder why the mirrors are falling out. Glad it worked out for you to get a rental so fast!


    The same thing just happened to me two weeks ago and it was during the cake cutting at a wedding!
    I just got it back from the repair shop. I've been hearing about this more lately.

    R. Kneschke

    >>I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the new 5D to come out so I could use my OLD 5D as a backup

    Uh, my thoughts exactly. I hope my 5D keeps up some more months... :-)

    Hope you get your camera back soon...


    I am in love with Paul at lensprotogo.
    He is absolutely the best.
    Love your blog, you have given me so much information that is so useful.
    Thanks and best regards...I am your next big blog stalker!!!

    Kristin Merten

    I've rented from them a few times and HIGHLY recommend them too. Their availability is great, and the service couldn't be better!


    Yikes I don't have a back up for my 40D and dread this ever happening to me. I will totally remember Paul.

    Jessica Grieves

    This is no longer my active email address. Email sent to the account is forwarded to my new address but I encourage you to update your address book. Im using a less spam friendly email address now as this provider tends to have problems with accounts getting hacked quite frequently and I get a lot of spam on this domain too.

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