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    January 11, 2009


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    Just curious, how do you think you measured in terms of increasing your marketing budget and increased sales? I know that a lot of photographers use WOM and referrals, but did increasing your marketing help as well and can you estimate your ROI?


    This just kind of blows my mind. I can only hope to get myself this together in the near future. Did you have any tips/suggestions for learning Quickbooks? Do you use it on a Mac? Congrats on your success.


    Hi Nicole! I use the online version of quickbooks and it is not nearly as overwhelming as the desktop version. My mom has the desktop version and I was completely lost trying to help her with it. I do like the online version though...pretty easy to use. I am STRONGLY considering switching to a full studio management suite soon so I would not be using quickbooks anymore if I do.


    Jus, great question...I think it deserves a post all to itself. I'll think about it and get it online soon!

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