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    January 08, 2009


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    Travis Isaacs

    I borrowed a friends 5D Mark II a few days ago - I was blown away by the quality of the images compared to my 40D. Enjoy!


    Check out the Tamron 28-75 2.8 lens instead of the overpriced 24-70 2.8.

    The Tamron did better than the lens with the 'look at me' red ring on it by PopPhoto and other independent tests.

    Have one and the sharpness is phenomenal.

    Phat Baby Photographer

    I'd love to see more photos from you with the 50mm f1.2. I have the 1.4 and it's a great lens for the money, but pretty soft wide open. I've been going back and forth on the 1.2 since it also weighs significantly more and I wasn't convinced my 5D's auto focus off center was accurate enough.

    The 24-70 is a great lens too (borrowed one just like you), but it's too heavy for my two assistants. :)


    I need a 50mm just can decide if it's worth it to buy the canon or not.
    I have the 70-200mm and must say I love the way it performs but not so much the great white look, I wish it blended in a bit more so you could get better candids.

    The Photodiarist

    Th 50mm 1.2 is just not getting the reviews that it should. I absolutely love it. I love the 24-70 too, but I am addicted to primes. So I am waiting for a 24mm prime to make it back onto the shelves of either B&H or Adorama . . .

    Jessica Grieves

    This is no longer my active email address. Email sent to the account is forwarded to my new address but I encourage you to update your address book. Im using a less spam friendly email address now as this provider tends to have problems with accounts getting hacked quite frequently and I get a lot of spam on this domain too.

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