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    November 03, 2009


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    josh solar

    Thanks for getting me all excited. I hate, hate, HATE Mozy, so I got my credit card out ready to purchase my unlimited LiveDrive account right away, I click over and no Mac support. Now I'm huddled in the corner crying, at least I'll be huddled in the corner crying after I finish this comment :(


    Live Drive looks exactly like what I'm looking for. I just bought a Western Digital external backup just over a month ago and I'm very frustrated with it. Plus I like the Live Drive backup is always on. The WD was bogging down our computer and it does a separate backup each time I wanted to back up something so it isn't organized like I want it to be. Thanks for the info. I'm going to do the free trial and then probably purchase the 100 GB since that is all I need. Thank you so much this is going to be a life saver!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the post and the comments. Josh: Mac support is coming really soon - we can't wait for it either! Jamie (from Livedrive)

    Kelly Vasami

    Glad to hear that Mac support is coming soon - this sounds like the solution I have been looking for. Thanks for posting!


    Have you noticed it slowing down your system at all? I had Mozy for Mac a while and it was awful, making everything sooooo slow. Can you set it to backups at night only?

    Chung Nguyen

    Thanks for sharing this. Very excited to try livedrive. Yay!

    Jay Grieves

    Jill: I've never noticed any slowness. As a matter of fact, I usually forget about it until I need it. As a developer I'm a pretty harsh critic when it comes to software, but these guys have done a really nice job.

    melanie mauer

    this is such a helpful post topic - thanks so much! warmly, -melanie-


    Great article. All of these issues seem to be pretty standard across the industry. I've been using amazon S3 online backup with, with none of these issues yet.


    Jessica G

    I just wanted to follow up to some of the comments on this post. From what I can tell, the people that have commented are not regular readers of this blog, but rather former customers of the service that had a bad experience.

    For the record we continue to use LiveDrive with no problems and we have about 600 GB of data stored. We've been able to recover MUCH more easily after we had to rebuild our main workstation knowing that our data was safe on LiveDrive. I would like to think that whatever problems were found by the previous commenters were resolved by the company before we started using it.

    To be honest, I really only care about being able to send data up, and get it back. I don't use the iphone app or the web sharing so I don't know if those are buggy. But I can get my stuff up there, and have had no problems downloading it so I'm happy.

    For Eric, we have an unlimited account with LiveDrive and I think it would likely be much more expensive for us to use the Amazon S3 system for our backups. For the record, we also keep a second full backup of our data off-site on one of our computers so we have a backup of our backup...just in case.

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