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    December 23, 2009


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    I did the exact same thing earlier this week in anticipation of a far more organized and focused 2010 :) Good luck - to both of us!


    I've been trying to do this over the course of 2009 and I'm still in the process! One thing I've made a point to do (and makes a big difference) is to be more selective about the clients I take on, and like you said, I usually end up enjoying those sessions a LOT. This allows me to focus more on my family and charge more. Thanks for all your wonderful advice!


    I SO needed to read this today! Thank you for your honesty, for your candid thoughts. Here's to a balanced 2010! :)


    Your comments really hit home today. I have a very similar dilemma with 4 kids, 2 dogs, a husband, and two separate photography companies. I had my meltdown last week and told my husband something has to change. We can't be 100% with everything we do all of the time when we're completely over-scheduled. Life is moving too fast as it is, and I don't want to miss any of it... especially with my kids! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I'll be thinking of you in 2010 when I am making changes to prioritize for the REALLY important stuff as well. Happy Holidays!


    I could have written much of this post...except for the software development (I even have a demanding 3 yr old). I am going to try really hard to stay on top of things this year and have me time. If that means working out in the evening...which I hate! Then so be it.


    What a wonderful, beautiful post. More family focus, more efficient use of time, more exercise...these are my goals, too! Thanks for the inspiration.

    michelle carrillo

    this is almost identical to the blog post I was just creating for myself! I love the graph... gonna have to go do that for myself right now. : )

    Logo Design

    Nice constructive planning ! So carry on with it. :-)

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