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    January 28, 2010


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    Download TWEETDECK for your iPhone and computer and you can check and post to FB and Twitter at the same time :) But I get what you're saying.

    Also - with 3G you don't have to seek out free WiFi; appealing in places where WiFi isn't as common.

    Flash will be a thing of the past soon enough...not yet, but soon. HTML5 will take over. You'll see.

    I hadn't thought about the paperless contract thing! GENIUS! Love it.

    I wonder if you pulled up Google Docs on the browser instead (not iPhone version) if you could edit...curious to try!

    I can't wait either...all-around wonderful for our line of work!


    Well, we can't forget that this is mainly a reader-- meant to knock Kindle and Nook out of the park :) The publishing industry is all abuzz about the iPad. I think that the next version will probably have more of the kinks worked out... I've heard you should never buy anything first generation of Apple's :) But it DOES look fun!


    Oh I totally agree with you! I am drooling and thinking I need to let my family know this would make a great early mother's day gift. ;o)

    Great idea about contracts!!!! Love it!!!

    Gina Sanders

    About the paperless contract... I'm not sure what studio management software you are using, but I use Tave ( and that's one of my favorite features. You create your contract and add it to a customer profile. The customer logs in with a unique password, signs the contract electronically, and can then be directed to your payment portal to pay the session fee. Best of all, you can brand it to match your website. I have a Bludomain site and I set up a reservations page that links to it. It looks seamless from the client end. Just thought I might offer that up if you're interested!


    I think the paperless contract idea is great, but I still want one just for the portable portfolio aspect.

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