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    February 11, 2010


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    Since I'm just getting started, I really haven't even played with lightroom a whole lot yet but if you use a certain action all the time, the lightroom presets will save you some time. you can batch them and in certain strengths. a lot of them correspond to the actions from photoshop it seems. Did you play with them on the site? Smack My Pix Up is my fave!

    jacie lee almira

    i used to love using other people's presets but now feel that they impose too much of someone else's style onto my images. now i create my own presets according to different shooting conditions. now I find that I only use my own presets since they are attuned to my personal shooting style, and that has saved me tons of time editing. the brush in lightroom has been very helpful too. i am curious to see what Totally Rad has to offer though. thanks for posting. i enjoy reading your blog!


    I was very excited about them until I read that they really only work on RAW images. I don't shoot in RAW and don't plan to start just so I can use these presets. But, I am sad because I am a huge TRA fan!!!

    Jessica G

    Hi Jamie, I'm a JPEG shooter too. I went back to JPEG after a year of shooting in RAW and am thrilled. SO MUCH FASTER and I don't have those gigantic files taking up space.

    I looked up in the documentation and it looks like they MIGHT work on JPEGS..they were just tested on RAW. Here's what it said:

    "Our presets work best with RAW files… though Lightroom will edit jpegs, it just ain’t the same. The presets were designed and tested with raw files, and if you’re a jpeg shooter, you might get different and/or inconsistent results compared to what they were designed for."


    i bought these but i wish i could return them. i feel like my images are starting to look like everyone else's and i haven't found much use for them and end up using my own presets for my shoots.

    Jessica Grieves

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