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    March 12, 2010


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    When I search on Google, the "View customization" link does not appear. Is there another way to access this information or temporarily disable that function?

    Jessica | Houston Photographer

    If you are not logged into a google account, you can click on the "web history" link at the upper right side then click on the "Disable customizations based on search activity" link. Hope that works for you!

    Julie Stephens

    Do you have any suggestions on keywords? I don't how to think like a consumer in this area. What terms might they be using?


    I just finished with the SEO Book and found it very useful too! I'm curious to know if you also bought his video on how to build a master keyword list. Sounds useful, but not sure if I really need it.


    I use the information for the Photographer's SEO Book and it's wonderful! I'm at number one and have been for a year and half. Good tip to your readers!


    This is my goal for this year, get familiar with SEO and get my numbers up. Thanks for the link and review on this book, I will look into it. I trust your opinion, you were right about Learnfest ;)

    Patrick Long

    It's a great thing that you have decided to be serious in search engine optimization. SEO can really help you if you want to be more famous and known than any other photographers in Houston. Good choice Jessica!

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