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    April 02, 2010


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    Angie Warren

    What a wonderful post, and you described it to a T. The Sisterhood was perhaps my fave aspect of the WS, so lovely to get to chat a bit with you. As a blogger as well as photographer, it was so refreshing to hear another speak of it and the importance of social media in both respects.

    I just adore you! Glad to be "sisters"


    Kate Ernst

    Couldn't have said it all better myself Jessica! Hope all us sisters can keep in contact.


    Jessica, you are just too sweet. I am not sure that you and I exchanged much more than a few hellos, but I did truly enjoy your talk.

    I have wondered about newsletters for a while now and now I know what I need to do. Your excitement came through in your talk and the fact that you really knew what you were talking about made us all feel like we could make the changes needed to go that one step further.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come to the Workshop on the Waterfront and share your knowledge with us.

    Amber Oschwald

    Jessica this is such a lovely post! I just had an awesome time and this post makes me want to pack up my bags and go back! I sure hope there is another workshop that interests us all so that we can get back together. Wow the connection we all had! You are one of the most amazing people I have met. I think I could spend days and days talking with you...imagine that huh? he he!!

    Kim Casey

    As rock the blog! :)
    It was great to finally meet. Please keep in touch.


    Jessica, I wish I would've been able to talk to you more...I just thought you were so awesome! You were so kind and funny, and I really enjoyed your speech! Thank you so much for coming to the workshop, it was so great to just sit there and absorb such wonderful info from amazing photographers such as yourself!

    Beth Glisson

    Jessica, So lovely to meet you and all of the other speakers and attendees. I am really revamping my website and doing my best to create a blog(Does anyone really care what I have to say?)all because of your speech. You were a great speaker with very helpful information and personally just a delight! Give me a ring whenever you get down to Fairhope!

    Pam Miller

    Jessica - Great post.....makes me so want to go back to the Inn with all the great women we met along the way!!


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