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    June 03, 2010


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    I have a Lumix that I put in a dicapac for underwater/beach stuff and I LOVE IT. I would definitely go with the Lumix... they really know their stuff with point and shoots!


    I have the Optio W60 - an older version - and I absolutely love it. In fact, I've heard that the W60 is the creme of the crop, so you might want to consider buying an older version.

    Here are some pics from my W60.


    A family member of mine has a Lumix DSLR and it's a miserable excuse for a camera. I would never recommend that brand.....I guess they could to better with point and shoots....but I just don't know how, the DSLR is expensive and useless!


    I am anxiously awaiting every comment because I could have written this post myself! I have been leaning towards the Canon model as well, yet, as with every model, there are things I don't like and things I do. Thanks for writing this post and more reviews please!


    Me too Johann! can't wait to hear more! What about the awful delay with these little point and shoots? That is why I got rid of my last one (gave it to the kids). Is one better with that delay?


    We just bought the new(ish) Sony Cybershot rugged model, the TX5.
    I can't yet talk to its long-term durability, but it is quick to start, hardly any shutter lag and simple to use. It also takes great videos. I normally shoot a D700 and I wanted one of these just for the reasons mentioned above (especially the beach).


    Just thought that I would add a real picture taken with the Sony Cybershot mentioned above. (Sorry about the two seperate comment posts). My daughter is the (unwitting) model.

    The blades of grass are pretty sharp. It does tend to add a little saturation to the images.

    Angie - 35mm

    Looks wonderful. Great reading your post as well.Thanks.

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