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    June 10, 2010


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    On the iPad, I have been using the browser as it works really well, and I cannot seem to find an app that shows everything that is online. I have Analytics for the iPhone, (the one you have for the iPad) but it does not show the e-commerce stuff, only the main traffic. It is ok but that is why I did not invest in it for the iPad.

    Jessica - so I know this site, your photog business, and your Photog Kick Start. What are the other 7 blogs you run?

    MCP Actions


    Hi Jodi, I didn't like using the analytics through the browser for iPad because I couldn't change the dates and the charts weren't showing up for me. Do they work for you?

    I can definitely see the ecommerce reports on the iPad Analytics HD application. I don't have the iPhone version so I don't know if it is different although I'm surprised it wouldn't show the ecommerce stuff.

    Analytics Pro which I use on my iPhone does show the ecommerce stuff too and I actually like it a little better because the default summery report when you pick a day "like show summary for yesterday) shows not only the transactios and revenue numbers, but also shows a bar chart with the revenue for each hour so you can see your peak time. Very cool.

    The sites I'm managing: (my new part time job) (my new part time job) (my photo site) (my photo blog) (my training site) (this site) (sales site)

    I also have which was my personal blog although it has kinda died off now that I pretty much use Facebook instead. And I have a couple of other people whose websites I help with so they are in my profile too. It ends up being a very long list of sites to choose from when I view my reports. :)

    south wales wedding photography

    Hi, what a great app, Ive just got my ipad last week and am also keen on seo and web development even though my main business is as a photographer so will definately be downloading this.

    Jessica Grieves

    This is no longer my active email address. Email sent to the account is forwarded to my new address but I encourage you to update your address book. Im using a less spam friendly email address now as this provider tends to have problems with accounts getting hacked quite frequently and I get a lot of spam on this domain too.

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