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    August 30, 2010


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    I read this post with all ears since I have had a major issue with my external hard drive just this past weekend! I remember hearing "not IF, but WHEN" and sure enough...thanks for sharing this info. Jessica!

    I remember that post where your husband talked about different back ups -- do you know if he has ever looked into Backblaze as an option? They do Macs (my primary) and I was looking at that as an option but am definitely going to look into LiveDrive as well.

    Do you guys recommend a good quality external hard drive where my stuff could live as well -- heard about Seagates being good.


    Pam D

    Oh, I wish I had read this LAST week. :<( My external drive crashed on Friday, and I've lost 4 months (about 100 GB) of work. Sessions, school pics, family pics... *poof* gone). Can't even estimate how many hours, not to mention the three sessions that I didn't back up and lost. For anyone reading this that rolled the dice the way I did; DON'T. It will happen, and it may be sooner rather than later.

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