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    April 03, 2011


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    This is a really good point, and I'm in the process of correcting this exact problem with my website.

    I also feel compelled to point out- the title should be "Losing an Opportunity". Not Loosing. Sorry. Pet peeve.


    Thanks Amanda! I had it right in a previous draft and messed it up again when I re-wrote this. Fixed it now!


    Do you know of any HTML sites for photographers? I currently have a flash site through BluDomain, but talking to web developers, I hear that HTML is leaps and bounds better not only for the reason you mentioned, but for SEO optimization. Can't seem to find anything I like out there though, and don't want to drop $$$$$ having one created.


    Breanna-what you are looking for is likely an HTML5 site. It gives you the movement and interaction of flash without requiring a special plug in. It is also considered more search engine friendly and would not require having an HTML mirror site like a flash site would. I know the designers are a little slow to adapt because it requires a different skill set to create the HTML5 sites. most of the "big guys" are still offering Flash sites with HTML5 add on for iPad/iphone. I did see this company offering HTML5 + Wordpress which I think is a great combo:

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