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    April 01, 2011


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    Fabulous post, and it so rings true with me. I've begun making several of these changes in my own life/business and it makes a huge difference!


    This post is "right-on-time" for me!
    I was planning on tuning out for this weekend, to de-clutter my mind.
    Thank You!


    Great advice. Thank you. I was just thinking that I need to tune out more as I scrolled down my Google Reader to see your post on the very topic. How apropos!


    I'm going to take this post to heart. I have spent a lot of time dwelling on others successes and it can create negative energy before you even realize it!

    Thanks for the reality check.


    Amen!!!! Sometimes we forget what is important in the grand scheme of things! Enjoy your weekend!


    Amen. YOU I will continue to follow! :)

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